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Hello there, I’m Laura and welcome to Clevedon yoga.

You may have noticed the name change, or perhaps you are new here…welcome! Take a look around, if I can help with anything let me know.



I decided to revisit my ethos and what it is I want to convey through my classes and my teaching. Over the past 6 years my classes and what I offer has evolved. I wanted to find something that was more in alignment with myself and my offerings going forward. Throughout my continuous learning, and observing through teaching and practice, a clear path as presented itself. I wanted to build foundations in the Clevedon community and offer yoga that is inclusive, no matter gender, size, ability, or age. Inclusivity being at the forefront, where students feel welcomed to class and do not have to worry about branded yoga leggings, the latest yoga mat or having a perceived "yoga body". Classes where you can ask questions and feel comfortable to have a go, to feel connection to others and to be supported. Most importantly to enjoy our practice and share our experiences.

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Clevedon is a truly beautiful place. We have so much on our doorstep. We have lovely walks and a town steeped in history. We have many independent shops and small companies. So much creativity and a wonderful community spirit. Supporting this community is even more important now. To support local and support each other. I teach in the Community centre, which has become my second home. I know some might say it’s a bit rough around the edges (aren’t we all :D) but spending time in this beautiful building and its surrounding gardens, I have so much gratitude, it truly has its heart in the centre of this community. Full of personality and warmth. It might not be a shiny yoga studio, but I think what you get is so much more. A space to feel at ease and at home. In the summer months experiencing a gentle breeze through windows and birds singing in the trees, beautiful views out over Clevedon chimney tops or over the gardens, feeling close to nature through our practice.


In my new logo I have chosen a pile of stones; Firstly, this represents the iconic pebbles of Clevedon beach and our community here. Secondly the building blocks of a yoga community in Clevedon and thirdly the stones reflect our yoga journey. Finding our feet, balance, patience and practice, practice practice. I want to give back to this community through my teaching and classes that I offer. Fun, friendly and welcoming classes that are founded on inclusivity and acceptance of all. 

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Hello everyone!
I am please to announce that classes will be starting back from 1st Tuesday 25th May 2021. Classes will be held at Clevedon Community Centre. Covid policy's and procedures have been put in place and there will be guidelines to follow when attending classes. Please bring own equipment and mats. The venue is not open to the public and only open for private groups and classes. Where possible well ventilated rooms and mat spacing to meet requirement. Classes numbers max 7 students per class. Please get in contact for more information. Thanks for reading, have a great week and hopefully see you at class soon either in person or on Zoom.

Sending lots of Love
Laura xx

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About me...

Yoga has been the definitive change in my life’s path. From the first yoga class I attended when I was 17, to becoming a Yoga teacher in 2015. From then and until now has been a journey of self-discovery. Despite having breaks in my practice in the beginning and trying different pursuits is such as running, dancing, and moving my body.  I always found my way back to my practice, and to what has now become the heart of everything I do.  My practice enabled me to shed anything holding my back or weighing me down, by anchoring my focus and awareness into the present moment. Through this I could finding a powerful connection to my body and breath. This gave me time to slowing down and allow me to deal with anxiety, emotions, and self-belief. Through a continuous practice giving me tools to cope with what life throughs at you, and importantly learning to let go. This helped me to love freely and forgive easily with continuous self-observation and enquiry. Healing from the inside out, mind and body. A commitment to myself to care and look after myself. Through this amazing journey I now do what I love. To share the gift of yoga with others is truly amazing, so they can experience this for themselves in their own unique way, on their own unique path. Finding truth and acceptance is to find, a place of peace and happiness.




Study & qualifications


2015 – Bristol School of Yoga, RYT 200

2015 – Ashtanga Intensive, Melanie Cooper

2019 – Yoga and mindfulness for Children, Yogabeez

2020 – Bristol School of Yoga, Advanced Yoga training, RYT 300 Currently completing