Hatha Yoga

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Eight Limbs of Yoga

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Hatha, Hatha flow & Vinyasa

Hatha Yoga


Hatha yoga is one of the most accessible styles of yoga for beginners due to its steady pace, but it never stops challenging you as there are always further stages for development. 

Hatha Flow Yoga

Hatha yoga combines static postures, steady movement and breathing to release tension and build strength and flexibility in the body. Our Hatha Flow classes combine static postures with steady but dynamic flowing movement. The classes are more intense than our Hatha classes and there is a greater emphasis on building core strength.

Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic form of yoga where flowing movement is linked to the breath with focus on increasing strength and flexibility.

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The Benefits of yoga

Yoga for body and mind

There are so many reasons why people start practicing yoga, here are some of the ways a regular yoga practice can help.

-Increases strength

-Improves range of motion, flexibility & posture

-Releases tension in the body

-Improves Balance

-Improves breathing Capability's

-Reduces stress and anxiety

-Increases body awareness through creating a connection between the body and mind.

-Aids mental focus

-Promotes present moment awareness

-Increases self-acceptance & confidence