Children's Yoga


What are the benefits

of Yoga for children?​

I can provide kids yoga for ages 2 - 12 years. Weather these are private sessions held at the local community centre, or in a school / nursery setting for lunchtimes and / or after school Clubs.  The Classes will be a combination of traditional Hatha Yoga, gently introducing asana practice, using storytelling, themes and visualisation to create a fun and engaging space.  We will be using breath play to help find awareness between the breath and how if can effect how we feel. Each session will be age appropriate to assist learning and development. We will be using relaxation and visualisation techniques to introduce meditation. Using mindful movement and creativity to find calm and focus, to develop self-confidence and build connection to each other. Developing lifelong skills and tools to deal with the every day.



Improves posture, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination
Breathing techniques that increase energy and decrease anxiety
Nurtures self-esteem, confidence and acceptance
Explore their imagination
Teaches relaxation & stress management techniques for school and at home
Discover their anatomy and benefits of the poses
Awareness of their breath and emotions
Techniques to quieten the mind and sharpen focus and concentration
Balances and coordinates the brain
To learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them
Able to relax and sleep better

Fitness for body and mind

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