Price plans and booking details

I am now opening up class bookings to offer more option, to suit your week and your busy schedules. The adjusts are to incorporate holidays and time away and the occasional sick day. Please see below for these options, and if you have any question please get in touch. All booking are still through bank transfer at the moment.

6 sessions - 6 weeks

£54 (£9)

6 for 6

6 x 75min classes. Use with 6 weeks. A missed session can be moved to another class that week, or following week with notice and to be agreed ahead of time. 


1 session - Book on the day

Drop in

Class can be booked on the day subject to availability, via bank transfer before attending class.

£96 (£8)

2 sessions a week - 6 weeks

12 for 6

2 session a week for 6 weeks. Adjustments can be made to the day of class to suit with notice, and agreed ahead of time.

Freedom to pick the 6 dates of when you would like to attend, and to make booking suit your schedule. Sessions much be used within 2 months and dates to be arranged on booking. 

£50 (£10)

5 sessions - 2 months

5 sessions - pick your dates




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